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WATER REFLECTIONS (click image to view detail)
Adirondack Symphony
I like to do photo studies on a place, spend time with it to see if I can "see" what it wants to show me, or "hear" the music it plays.
Ephemeral Moment
The internsity of the fall colors mix with the blue sky in surreal reflections.
Fiery Light
This brook meanders, deep in a cyn with trees on the ridge reflecting the bright oranges and reds of fall leaves.
Fall Reflections
Liquid Autumn
Water twisting around leaves caught on the high places of rock creates swirls of color.
Reflection Spirit
Color Meanders and Falls
Being With Water
I love the combination of a still object surrounded by moving colors…it creates a dreamlike feeling.
Fall Leaves and Water
By shooting at an angle, all the colors of the trese, leaves and sky reflect and swirl.
Boquet River Reflections
Color Cyclone
Closing in on a small area of swirling color brings forth wonderful abstract patterns.
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