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COLORADO PLATEAU (click image to view detail)
Sandstone Reflections
Ribbons of sandstone reflected in a tranquil pool of water. Water is the major erosional force which sculpts these graceful canyons in the Colorado Plateau.
Earth Waves
Flowing Rhythm
Hours go by unnoticed as I watch the light throw colors across these canyon passages.
Room With a View
One of my favorite places in the world, this canyon's cathedrals, arches and windows feel like you've entered another world.
Blue Canyon
Sometimes the light reflects off the walls this way for only minutes.
Sandstone Tapestry
Millions of years of layers of oceanic deposits form these natural color striations that glow in the morning light. the lichen here is still raised and not damaged by footprints.
I've been coming to this magical place for over 15 years. I realized after the first time I saw it that I would never be the same…it had touched me so deeply.
Earth & Sky
When a place in nature becomes so much a part of you, your instinct is to want to protect it and also to share it…I hope I have done both.
Navajo Swirl
I loved the sunset light on this incredible formation.
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