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Rainbow Vista
Valley of Fire, just an hour outside of Las Vegas along the shores of Lake Mead is one of Nevada's most colorful secrets.
Doorways to the Past (Chaco Canyon)
Ancient dwellers built these multistory complexes. Construction of these "great houses" began as early as A.D. 850. It is a powerful feeling to stand where they stood.
Ancient Doors
Ceremonial Kiva (Bandolier National Monument)
Covered Kivas are rare…most filled in a long time ago. Only a few have been restored to their original condition. I went here early in the morning, climbed the kiva ladders to this high cave and sat inside the earth.
Calf Creek Falls (Grand Staircase Escalante)
Wildlife also frequent these pools that offer an oasis in these arid lands.
Zion Taffy
The farther you go into the back canyons, the more secrets they hold. This canyon looked like it pinched off and ended but this spot is hidden right up at the end of the canyon.
Pastel Place (Valley of Fire)
A palette of pastel colors and shapes.
High Sierra Fall
Innies or Outies? (Capitol Reef)
Often I like to display a print different from its true orientation…it's a whole new way of viewing the world.
Critters Canyon (Nevada)
Small nests reside in the bottom of this striped home.
Emerald Pool Falls (Zion National Park)
Canyon Dwellers (Valley of Fire)
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