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ICE PATTERNS IMAGES (click image to view detail)
Crystal Lattice
Voyage of the Heart
This photo was to lead me into great life lessons. I had a feeling when I was spending a 1/2 hour on just the right composition that a new journey was starting.
La Femme
Ice Crystal Dream
I had to work fast before the water from the dam opening came to take all the ice-formed patterns away. At 20°F or 30°F the ice forms anew every night and is washed away in the morning light like a symphony of tinkling crystal.
Ice and Stones
Reflections of leaves and blue sky on ice crystals at 16° below zero.
There is no end to the variety of patterns the ice makes at different temperatures.
20° Below
As the ice forms, slight movements in the underlying water also add to the variety of formations.
Shooting Star
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