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SLOT CANYONS IMAGES (click image to view detail)
Light Layers
This is at the entrance to a cyn that has been cut deep into the earth by water and then uplifted so you walk into it instead of lower into it with ropes like some of the other slot canyons.
Voyager's Entrance
I lowered into this canyon by rope and watched the light change every few minutes.
In Trance
Deep narrow convoluted canyons carved by wind and water so narrow in places you can touch both sides.
Sacred Geometry
I had to climb up on a ledge with my camera to line up the convoluted canyon walls that form this composition; then, we slid off accidentally and landed 6 feet below with little damage…to the camera.
Owl Canyon
This canyon drops off 200 feet right behind where I am standing and empties into Lake Powell. An owl lives here and silently watches me every time I come. You might never know he was there.
Stone Palette
As light filters down the navajo sandstone walls, it breaks up into the spectral colors.
The Keyhole
This natural formation rises above the sandy floor of this 100 foot deep canyon and catches beautiful bouncing light from the opposite cyn wall.
Between Here and There
Antelope Canyon
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